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Keller The Speller

Keller participated in the Sonoma County Regional Spelling Bee tonight - Pretty Cool.

Also, it happened again - What are the odds?

Aug. 19th, 2011

the hardest thing about work is having to suck it in all day.


Evidently Keller has become enthralled with my nail polish.

Not in a does-this-shade-look-good-with-my-eyes way, but more of a will-it-form-a-water-tight-seal-on-the-bottom-of-the-soap way.


christmas moon

one of the features of the xbox kinect is that is takes a picture of you while you're playing a game - kinda like the way you get your photo snapped on a rollercoaster. after the game is over the pictures are displayed on your tv with funny captions.

that said -

today keller and i were playing some rafting game and i could hear him cracking up but couldn't look over as i was navigating the raft through turbulent waters - when the game ended and the pictures started to roll there was several shots; my son mooned xbox.


Hello Weekend!

They. Are. Gone.

- Just me and the dog all weekend -

Sep. 30th, 2010

My son just apologized for "being a total jackwagon."


Tag - Yer It!

I introduced Frank (my awesome 5 year-old nephew) to Chula my 5 month old pup.

Chula is very shy but after some coaxing she warms up to Frank. It's not long until Chula is doing that puppy play stance - and I tell Frank, "Look! She wants to play with you!

Next thing I know Frank open palm slaps my puppy up side her head and yells, "Tag! You're it!

NCIS Overload.

Last night I dreamed that I was practicing my jump front kicks with Ziva... and also that Leroy Jethro Gibbs was my dad.

Clearly I need to cut back on the NCIS marathons.

New Trick

Housebreaking the Pup

Step 1) Take the Pup Outside
Step 2) Give the Command, “Go Potty”
Step 3) Waiting
Step 4) Sniffing
Step 5) Squatting
Step 6) Look at me Expectantly
Step 7) Praise and Puppy Treat
Step 8) Inside

Until last night - Last night my pup looped steps 5 through 7 three times before I caught on.

Most people teach their pets to sit or fetch, evidently I have somehow taught my pup to squat.



Keller and Dave just called me in to watch a "show" they were putting on.

Dave must have been the director/mastermind, because Keller was the only one with a pillow and some laundry shoved all up in his t-shirt. He (Keller) then busted into the Thriller dance and ended up with something that looked a little like the Macarena.



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